Income from Renting your Villa

Income v Expenditure - Will my house pay for itself?

This is probably the most important and more commonly asked question. Virtually everybody buying a home in Florida for the first time asks this question and rightly so. First time buyers are unsure if they will get the rentals required that will obviously make the difference as to whether they can afford the home or not. In general, the break even requirement is around 30 - 32 weeks rental. The first six months are usually the most difficult, however, this can be alleviated by early planning. As soon as you decide to purchase your home we will provide you with all you need to rent your home, booking forms, brochures, etc, and a handbook full of useful information and tips on how to make your investment work for you. We will also enter your home into our rental programme (managed by Kingdom State Villas) so that we can start taking bookings even before the home is built. Over those first few months you man need support and that is where we come in. We will support and train you to get your own bookings and before long you will be looking for your 2nd home.

How the Villa Rental Program works

All homes managed through Kingdom State Villas Management will be advertised for rental on all KSV's websites along with some of our working partner's websites. KSV also advertise in all the major villa accommodation magazines in the United Kingdom.

KSV will also help every owner to acquire their own bookings and there are no charges (commission of administration) whatsoever for owner bookings. They will supply each owner with the literature needed to complete their own bookings. This will include Terms & Conditions, Booking Forms, Balance Due Forms and Maps etc. They are also on hand 7 days a week to answer and questions that might arise.

All bookings made directly through Kingdom State Villas will be subject to a 10% commission charge. In some cases, KSV might use an outside agent to obtain bookings. If this happens there will be a 15% commission charge. The villa owners will always be asked about a booking before it is confirmed. The final decision on any booking will always be left to the villa owner.

Kingdom State Villas are also frequently approached by agents and the public about late (last minute) bookings. Once again, the villa owner will always be consulted before accepting a reduced rate booking.

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Inspection Trips

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