Buying a Florida Villa

The good news is that compared with most European countries - including Britain - the actual purchase process in Florida is quite simple. The legal aspects of home buying in Florida do not require each party to appoint and pay their own Legal Advisor. However, we advise all clients to utilize the services of a combined Attorney/ Title Guarantee Corporation - we instruct the Title Company to act on your behalf.

From our vast experience gained over many years, we have concluded that location is all-important, especially if it is your intention to offset rental income against expenses on your investment.

Do not accept verbal assurances from sales persons that short-term rentals are permitted unless you see it for yourself in the Covenants & Restrictions of the development. Many developments and even whole Counties expressly prohibit short-term rentals in private pool homes. We will guide you through this potentially hazardous area and ensure your chosen home is zoned correctly. We will arrange appointments with an independent Mortgage Broker. This way you can be assured that everyone is working in your best interest.

Although Florida villas feature high specifications as standard (carpets, landscaping, cooker, dishwasher etc. usually included) be careful about ordering expensive builder options that may not actually increase the value or rentability of the home.

All these aspects and many more, have been researched to provide you with the best information, including seeking out the better builders, especially established builders given a good report by the Florida Better Business Bureau. Every location we recommend for rental homes is fully zoned for that purpose by Developer and County. We can help you select a development that offers the best prospects for long-term capital growth.

Realtors, Brokers and Salespersons

In the United States the vast majority of sellers and buyers use Realtors or Brokers to assist them when selling or buying a home. Why?...because (unlike the U.K.) in the United States all real estate transactions, except private sales, are highly regulated. Furthermore, all persons brokering real estate, except private sellers or builders selling their own homes, must be licensed. As in the UK, the Seller typically pays sales commissions. It will cost you no more to have a Realtor guide you through the sale process. Finally, All Realtors 'share' their homes via the Multiple Listing Service. You need only to appoint one in order to have access to the vast majority of homes on the market.

This is where we can help. can put you in touch with a fully licensed Realtor®. A Realtor® is there to represent you and will deal with all aspects of your purchase ensuring that you are buying a home for the purpose it is intended, on a development which is properly zoned. The services of our Realtor® cost you nothing but could save you thousands in the long term. They will spend as much time with you as necessary and before showing you any development or property will talk with you for some time finding out just what your requirements are. After all there is no point looking at vacation villas outside your budget. Our Realtor® is knowledgeable in all aspects of the market in which you are considering purchase and should be confident, courteous and helpful.

Which Florida Property is right for you

There are many homes to choose from, both new and pre-owned, with most UK buyers choosing to buy new because of the peace of mind offered by Guarantees (which come as standard). Lower repair costs and freedom to choose colour schemes and furnishings are seen as other reasons to buy new. New homes generally come with a full 12 months warranty on ALL items supplied, including swimming pool, air conditioning/heating and appliances such as washer, dryer, fridge/freezer, dishwasher and microwave. For the first two years all plumbing and electrical work is warranted and the building carries a 10 year structural warranty. These Guarantees and Warranties may not be in place when you buy a resale home and could prove to be costly if you have future problems. By contrast, the advantage of buying a resale home is that you may save money on the purchase. Some of the most popular areas for short-term rentals are the well-established subdivisions where no further homes are being built. However, you will have to weigh up the options and decide which is right for you!

Buying a Florida Villa offer a totally unbiased and independent opinion on all the locations, developers and builders. We will help you to find the perfect property that suits your own personal requirements and budget, not the requirement set out by the property sales company. Read More


Inspection Trips

We can arrange inspection visits whereby you will fly to Orlando and be met by a representative of our Florida Villa Sales team who will then accompany you to one of our luxurious Florida villas. Read More


Financing your Florida Villa's mortgage advisors can offer you a choice of either a UK based mortgage or a US based mortgage. They appreciate that their clients want the choice of or at least the chance to compare all different costs. Read More

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